Useful Questions for Prosperity and Self-Confidence

Hola, Beauties!

Today’s quickie is a video of me blabbing a little about using the tool from Access Consciousness of asking questions and how they open possibility and have been help me a lot with my money and self-confidence. After the vid you’ll find a handy list of the questions I’ve put together that are rocking my world right now. And as a special Happy Sunday present for you, I’ve also made an audio file (at the bottom of the post) you can listen to and/or download of me reading the questions, so you can just have them in the background, meditate to them, or fall to sleep listening to them.

Sequel to Surrender

A friend suggested that the experience I wrote about in last week’s blog post amounted to a deep surrender, one of those moments of “I give up” that becomes “Here, take this” and transforms as I allows something greater to take over. And transform it did, as the next day a breakthrough arrived at my door. My program of self-therapy made way for a moment of pure grace.

My Personal Groundhog Day

I’ve been struggling with my career and income for, oh, forty years, chronically under-earning, under-satisfied, under-this and under-that. Having written about and empowered myself to embrace my designation as a flitter doesn’t change the fact that sometimes I need to get money in the bank. Sometimes the money situation gets uncomfortably tight. Read more