Do You Know These Secrets of Creative Alchemy?

magic formula or magic trick?

We Earthbound Creatives often feel the enormous gulf between the magical alignment with our creative flow that we long for and where we are now on our creative path. Getting to alignment doesn’t take sleight of hand so much as it takes knowing some of the manifesting secrets that creatives have used through time. This list isn’t exhaustive, but it does touch on the major points: claim your truth, have a daily practice, create a magical space, and, beware the Devil’s bargain. Instead, strike a good bargain with the loving Universe, which is totally on your side.

 1. Ritual = Regular Intervals(time+place+purpose).

Each moment is an intersection of time + place + purpose. What makes it a ritual is you repeat it, keeping time (when and for how long), place and purpose the same. I’ve often written here about the power of daily writing, but only seldom have I spoken of the magic of my writing space. Now, before you imagine that I have your idea of the perfect writing space, let me tell you that half the room is filled with cartons and piles, and the corners are stacked with stuff. It was designed to be a bedroom and has an entire wall of closets. The closets are filled with winter coats and boxes of photographs and my supplies for mailing and packaging, art supplies, musical instruments and my five 25-quart plastic bins full of notebooks. So it’s not a pristine, distraction-free oasis. Read more

Thirty Days of Joy ~ Day 18 ~ Creating Space For Spirit

Today was landing day after my weekend in Grafton, VT., where I was filled to overflowing with goodness: a fluffy bed in a private room, my very own rotating fan, the original somnolent, three hearty meals a day, workshops all day, two concerts, and meeting frame drum enthusiasts from all over the place.

There was skill and generosity and joy. Two of my frame drum teachers were there performing and shining. Fellow students were there, holding down the four corners of the universe, as usual. It rained, great roaring downpours, and I walked in it and cut through yards to get back to my lodging house. (Readers of previous posts know how much I love cutting through.) Read more