Useful Questions for Prosperity and Self-Confidence

Hola, Beauties!

Today’s quickie is a video of me blabbing a little about using the tool from Access Consciousness of asking questions and how they open possibility and have been help me a lot with my money and self-confidence. After the vid you’ll find a handy list of the questions I’ve put together that are rocking my world right now. And as a special Happy Sunday present for you, I’ve also made an audio file (at the bottom of the post) you can listen to and/or download of me reading the questions, so you can just have them in the background, meditate to them, or fall to sleep listening to them.

How To Serve More Powerfully and Shift from Insecure to Confident in One Lifetime.

I’m sorry that the concept of niche has been taken over by the marketing world, because it’s so much more than “targeting” a “segment” of the “market” so you can sell more.

Niche is an ecological term that means the place in the entire ecosystem where an organism belongs, because it’s part of a bigger picture in which everything thrives in its place and in turn makes it possible for everything else to thrive. Read more

How Loving Myself Forward Helps Me in Business

I’m starting a guided mastermind group with live human beings who have signed up to join me in physical space. These people are working on a project or a business and themselves, and I’ve managed to convince them that I can help them.

The group is starting tomorrow. Yesterday, just to refresh my memory, so long has it been since inception to launch, I re-read all my promo materials. I saw in the videos and posts that I appear to know what I’m talking about. But I’ve never run a mastermind, and I’ve never succeeded in business. I just really believe in myself. Read more

Do You Need a New Definition of Success? (If not forever, then for a while?)

Call us flitters, hummingbirds, butterflies, recovering failures, neurotics, highly sensitive, multiply talented under-achievers, people with low self esteem, poor self confidence, people who are not measuring up, people who feel they should be doing something else – Call us what you will, that long, straight, steep path to success is not ours.

Not only is our path circuitous, spirally and meandering, but our successes are different, too. Read more