Who Do You Want to Bring to This Moment?

A quick post to talk for a sec about inspiration.

There are a lot of things said about inspiration. Here are my thoughts: The better we tune ourselves to aliveness, the more Inspiration we can “catch.” Second, the word is about breathing. And spirit. Third, having an Inspiration Mindset is about living this question. “Who do you want to bring to this amazing moment? Read more

How I Developed a Daily Writing Routine

It isn’t complicated, but it can be challenging. To develop any daily habit, all you gotta do is do it every day. Here’s how I got there.

Start First Thing in the Morning

I fill three pages every day. I have a big cup of strong, hot, perfect coffee in my right hand and a pen in my left. (Reverse this if you are a righty.) I start first thing. It’s the only way for me. If I start my day with other more pressing things, promising I’ll get to the writing later, my day gets away from me completely. Read more