Five things that stop you from creating and what to do about them

If there’s nothing else you get out of this article, I want you to remember this one oddly comforting and horribly true thing: Nobody cares. Now, onto the things that stop you from putting pen or brush to paper or canvas, or writing that song or resume–and what you can do about them.

Fear of Failure

I’m not sure what people mean by this, because there are so many ways to fail, it’s almost impossible to count them. I’m tempted to ask, but I think that would just make these people more fearful. That said, there are also countless ways to succeed. Read more

Understanding the 4 Types of To-Do Tasks for Solo Biz Owners

Healers, Energy Workers and Creatives of all types who’ve decided to make their calling a business are also small business owners. Getting grounded in the particulars can do a world of good for the energy flow of your business.

[Editor’s Note: Today’s post represents a shift in the focus of the Joy Report toward articles that speak to the needs of people in business for themselves in the healing and creative professions. We hope you enjoy it.] Read more

Make Space In Your Life For You

If “Where do I begin?” is your creativity quagmire, start here.

Your time is your life. Give yourself permission to use it the way you really want to. Here are some suggestions for getting a handle on it. Once you get into the habit of setting aside time on a daily basis and get a handle on your physical space, you will know where to begin, I promise. It’s waiting to have a clear idea of what to do before setting aside the time that makes us never actually get to doing anything. Read more

Thirty Days of Joy ~ Day 29 ~ My Completion Thing

by Phyllis Capanna © 2012 joyreport

 I have an old thing about completing things. I don’t like to do it. I find ways to back out, forget, and otherwise flake. The worst episode of this was when I was in college the first time. After completing two years, I went ahead and registered for classes for the fall semester of what would have been my junior year, then proceeded to fizzle academically, even forgetting I was enrolled, until I received my grade report, an A an F and two Incompletes. (The A must have been in a class that accepted papers in lieu of attendance. I was a master of the all-nighter-the-night-before paper.)

I skulked out of B. U. with two full years complete and that one semester hanging in the air like a wet flag. Read more