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[Part 2 in the Series: Get Started With Blogging for holistic entrepreneurs. Read Part 1. ]

What are blog topics holistic entrepreneurs can always win with?

By far, the most frequentyly asked question holistic entrepreneurs ask when they’re getting started with blogging, is, “What should I write about?” It can be so discouraging to repeatedly face the empty page, where the dreaded, mythical blog posts you should be churning out with superhuman regularity refuse to materialize.

Like anything that hangs over our heads under the “should” category, this un-done task drains our energy, leaving us feeling uneasy: What if we’re missing something essential for our business?

Even worse, we have so much to offer, we don’t know where to begin. How do we organize our information? What if we misrepresent or over-simplify something that’s more art than science? How do we know what we say will really connect with our readers and attract the right people to our business?

What you want, and what we all need for our businesses to flow smoothly and to avoid spending hours creating blog posts, is a simple system for generating relevant, powerful blog topics that appeal to your ideal clients. We want to attract these clients to our practice by showing them, first and foremost, that we get them and that we can help.

Client Problems, Needs and Desires are the Key to Clarity

The blog topics holistic entrepreneurs can always write about are endless once you learn to think about it clearly. The simplest way I’ve found to generate this list is also a great way to be organized and clear with your blogging. And that’s to use client problems, needs and desires as your central organizing idea-set. Everything else you write about comes from this central focus.

Because, trust me, they don’t care what you do nearly as much as you or I do. They just want to feel better, do better, and be better.

In fact, I am seeing someone right now whose methods I don’t understand at all. But he’s helped me heal my thyroid, and that’s what I went to him for. Admittedly, I was looking for someone outside the dominant medical model, and he’s known to be that, but as for understanding or even naming what he does, it’s not uppermost in my list of needs.

Blog topics holistic entrepreneurs

So How Do We Do This?

Last week I asked you to make a list of typical client problems. What you can do now, and from now on is to keep a running list, so that every time you have a conversation with a client or potential client, you go to your list and make sure you have noted the problems that came up that you can solve.

Be sure to include typical things your clients say, including things that may not seem entirely related to what you help them with. These can be important clues to extended problems: The things that happen in your client’s life as a result of their primary problems. For example, say Client A has back pain. So that’s one problem. How does this affect her life? Well, for one, she shies away from spending time with her toddler grandson, because he’s a handful, and she can’t easily keep up with him. That’s Problem #2. Now suppose that when you talk with her, or someone like her, and they reference their back pain, they always make some kind of remark about getting old.

So now we have 3 possible takes on 1 primary problem: Back pain itself; back pain impacting important relationships, roles and activities; and back pain and how it affects self-image and plays into fear of aging ungracefully.

Do you see now how many blog topics holistic entrepreneurs can tease out of one issue their clients struggle with by spending a little time digging into it?

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If you spend some time with this, focusing on your ideal clients’ problems, needs and desires, you will have made a great start with your blogging topics.

Tips for Success

  • Get really granular with your clients’ problems: If they have this problem (Problem A), then what ELSE is a problem for them? (Problem B). Put yourself in their shoes. How does this make them feel, about life, about work, relationships and money, about themselves?
  • Make sure you keep it in their terms, not yours. You may know their meridians are imbalanced, but all they know is they can’t stop eating potato chips and gaining weight. (And to refer to Tip #1: If they have weight gain from uncontrolled eating, do they also have a wardrobe that doesn’t fit, an out of control grocery bill, discomfort in their own skin, low self esteem, anxiety?)

The Takeaway

It’s not about you. It’s about them. And once you start thinking in terms of their problems, needs and desires, you will have an endless supply of topics for short articles.

One Thing You Can Do Right Now

Start that list! And to make it even juicier, and move you closer to writing a great post, take 10 minutes and jot down your 3 biggest tips, interventions or recommendations for each problem you listed above. 2 tips are fine, too. (Like this post.) Hint: Reframes count as tips.

That’s it. You’re halfway there!

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