The 1 Thing To Write About Always (and How to Do It)

[Part 2 in the Series: Get Started With Blogging for holistic practitioners, entrepreneurs and healers. Read Part 1. ]

Not Sure What to Write About?

It can be so discouraging to repeatedly face the empty page, where the dreaded, mythical blog posts you should be churning out with superhuman regularity refuse to materialize.

Like anything that hangs over our heads under the “should” category, this un-done task drains our energy, leaving us feeling uneasy: What if we’re missing something essential for our business?

Even worse, we have so much to offer, we don’t know where to begin. How do we organize our information? What if we misrepresent or over-simplify something that’s more art than science? How do we know what we say will really connect with our readers and attract the right people to our business?

Client Problems, Needs and Desires are the Key to Clarity

The simplest way I’ve found to be organized and clear is to use client problems as your central organizing idea-set. Because, trust me, they don’t care what you do nearly as much as you or I do. They just want to feel better.

In fact, I am seeing someone right now whose methods I don’t understand at all. But he’s helped me heal my thyroid, and that’s what I went to him for. I tell people, “I have no clue what he’s doing, but it’s working. And I trust him.” And I trust him because he’s helped me. Simple as that. And p.s., I never go to his website, because all he talks about there is what he does and how he does it, and it doesn’t interest me.

So How Do We Do This?

Last week I asked you to make a list of typical client problems. From now on, keep a running list, so that every time you have a conversation with a client or potential client, you go to your tracker and make sure you have noted the problems that came up that you can solve. You can use a simple page in a notebook or a document on your computer. This list becomes your article topics.

There’s more to it than that, but it’s the place to start, always, when deciding on topics to write about on your website or social media posts.

Tips for Success

  • Get really granular with your clients’ problems: If they have this problem (Problem A), then what ELSE is a problem for them? (Problem B).
  • Make sure you keep it in their terms, not yours. You may know their meridians are imbalanced, but all they know is they can’t stop eating potato chips and gaining weight. (And to refer to Tip #1: If they have weight gain from uncontrolled eating, do they also have a wardrobe that doesn’t fit, an out of control grocery bill, discomfort in their own skin, low self esteem, anxiety?)

The Takeaway

It’s not about you. It’s about them. And once you start thinking in terms of their problems, you will have an endless supply of topics for short articles.

One Thing You Can Do Right Now

Now that you have a list of client problems going, spend about 10 minutes jotting down your 3 biggest tips, interventions or recommendations for each problem you have listed. 2 tips are fine, too. (Like this post.)

That’s it. Just let this settle and come back to it once during the week.

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Until next time, be good to yourself and enjoy the moment!

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