Thirty Days of Joy ~ Day 24 ~ Beach Day

by Phyllis Capanna © 2012 joyreport

Beach day

Sand dunes, beach grass, picket fencing, tide coming up a narrow spit

congenial gathering of blankets, umbrellas, beach chairs

tubes and boogie boards

No Lifeguard On Duty

Drum finally drum gift given perfect response, delight and “My own drum!”

Relentless wind, plastic tube rolling down the beach, caught on capsized chair

Black-backed gull interested in my bag, I run and flap till it takes off

fannies digging sand castles

clumps of hardened seaweed where we spread our towels

damp line of seaweed at the tide line

jewel green glossy seaweed gathered out of the water in the arms of an Aphrodite

Switching places in the water to give our necks a break and to even out sun exposure as we talk talk talk

The kind of feedback about your bathing suit only a friend will give

The kind of friend you can hear that kind of feedback from

Chilling salt water swelling and receding and swelling, taking all the heat out, but we can still feel our feet, so it’s not really cold, not new england cold

Black woman with Medusa curls

shocking pink dress and shawl with skull motif posing at boardwalk entrance to beach

singing for the camera, hair blown back

hair over face, hair twisted around neck, shawl escaping, singing, singing

You know what I’d like you do to sometime in the next ten years?

I see myself traveling

Kid talk, ex talk, house talk, money talk, work talk, astrology talk, veggie garden friend drive car college weight talk

I’m telling you, you know what I meant to tell you?

Ooh, let’s go, and egg salad sandwiches in the front seat, water, chocolate

Dining hall dinner: salad bar, fajita bar, dessert bar

Folk music after dinner, lousy microphone keeps slipping down, This Land Is Your Land, Blowin’ In the Wind

Sand castle awards, applause, on and on, one for every sand castle-maker, most creative use of, most easily, best, fastest, biggest, applause, dining din chatter

Guy with hair pinned up in barrette, paint on forearms, he must be the groundskeeper, you say. Doesn’t have to have a ponytail, but the spirit of a ponytail.


taking pictures across the table and emailing them to each other

Loud downpour, man eating ice cream, tweens kicking soccer ball, riding bikes in the rain

Sky pulls clouds apart to reveal faint blue, then rainbow in rockers on the porch

I’ll follow you out, fried clams on the way home

highway north is deserted, black, I call you and the Hampton tollbooth heading south has a two mile back-up

our conversation is not over, may just be getting started, may never quite be over, seems all we do is talk eat observe, listen, share, enjoy, venture, do, be, shop, for years and years and years

We hung in there, yes we did, made a couple of conscious decisions in rough times

we each had them

we took our turns and made decisions to hang in

and said that to each other today

why it came up, or for what purpose except the utter rare and lovely gift of total revelation in the safe and happy bowl of time and together that is our friendship

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