Thirty Days of Joy ~ Day 30 ~ An Easy One

by Phyllis Capanna © 2012 joyreport

The first thing I did today was drive my minivan full to brimming to the town of Winthrop, where the UCC church was sponsoring an e-waste collection day.  I told the team of cheerful people emptying the back of my car that this event vindicated the previous generation’s propensity for hanging onto stuff by making it seem as if they were just waiting until TVs, answering machines, adding machines, Ataris, and Macintosh computers that came in two pieces, a monitor and a hard drive, could be recycled.

After dropping off the stuff, I drove downtown and parked so Honey-Bear and I could take a walk.

Have you ever fallen in love with someplace new in the first couple of minutes?

Winthrop has a town bulletin board.

A lovely large hedge of rugosa were fragrant and heavy with rose hips.

And several murals. This one is called Windows on Winthrop.

There is a charming cemetery right in the middle of town, with a wrought iron arch at the entrance and a winding dirt road that looks like it goes on for, well, ever. I like that they keep their dead right there with them. That’s friendly.

After our walk, I drove around looking for an ATM so I could give a cash donation to the UCCers, still grateful for the opportunity to responsibly off-load major amounts of waste. I found, not just any ATM, but a credit union ATM, and since I have a credit union ATM card, this is the kind I needed. This one was as charmed as the rest of Winthrop. It gave out five dollar bills! When was the last time you visited an ATM that had fives?

I drove back around to make my donation, and they all seemed to remember me. Maybe it was the hunter orange cap in August.

Winthrop even has its very own Hannaford supermarket. I know you can’t love a supermarket. It will never last, and the kids will be ostracized. But, damn it, I do! Today the reason I loved them was a clean restroom, an almond poppy muffin and hot coffee. I didn’t bother taking a picture of any of that. You know what it looks like.

I drove from Winthrop to camp in a state of utter appreciation, eating my muffin and drinking my coffee. The rain gave everything a soft, pastel look. I made sure I appreciated the gentle rain, because some folks are seriously missing it right now and others are having floods.

There really isn’t anything more to report. A little conflict or upset would help make the story interesting. Today felt like Life and I were living each other, fifty-fifty.

Every so often you get handed an easy one, and probably the best thing to do is enjoy it.

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