To-Do List Take Two: A Completely Different Way to Wrangle an Impossible Amount of Ambition, Pressure, Desire and Enthusiasm Within the Confines of the Three Dimensions of Time, Space and Physicality

I’ve been on a wild (internal) ride since the meeting of my guided mastermind group yesterday. To boil it all down to a nugget of truth, I’m in a time of vast transition in my business, as I work to bring my online presence and my offline work together to create one cohesive whole thing, my business.

I tell you this because my new focus for this blog will be helping people in business as solo spirit-preneurs navigate the many aspects of that work, which is the business I’m building offline, the work I love to do, and the thing that people call for advice about lots.

Now, the Universe is a funny place. That is, It has a sense of humor. My treatise on managing the to-do list was published yesterday, and I also handed out copies to my Mastermind-ers. We all agreed to create a specific target or goal each week and to use our accountability buddies to help keep us on track for the month. We also agreed to post to our private FB group daily, to keep in closer contact and keep our heads in the game, so to speak.

When I sat down to journal about the group and all  it stirred up for me, I found myself staring at an impressively gargantuan list of tasks parading down the page like a wild gang without a leader.

The leader part was supposed to be my job. But no matter which way I turned my head, the tasks refused to be anything other than a jumble. Then I realized – Eureka! – I’m in a time of huge transition, and, a little more slowly, why don’t I use my to-do list system?

So I did, and… I was still overwhelmed.

Because there’s another layer to the whole thing, especially when you’re basically making stuff up as you go along: Sometimes there’s no basis whatsoever on which to prioritize tasks. I mean, basically, change everything, in no particular order, because eventually everything has to change, and hope it matters to someone other than you, your partner (because, sanity) and your potential customers and clients.

And in the interest of nitty-gritty particulars and transparency, here is the to-do list I was wrangling:

  1. Write and submit a 1000-word article to _____ _____ magazine for consideration to become a regular contributor. (First, inquire about rights, exclusivity and circulation)
  2. Re-brand, re-name and refocus my blog and newsletter (and business).
  3. Start promoting 1st webinar (How to Write and Publish Your Calling-Card Book, for Spirit-Preneurs.)
  4. Create Webinar.
  5. Start marketing the Fall guided Mastermind group.
  6. Consider tweaking my book focus to be more in alignment with new business focus.
  7. Finish book.

This morning, I was still wrangling. Everything seems to hinge on creating this new business identity, which isn’t something that can happen overnight. But that doesn’t mean I have to wait for the perfect name before I start writing the articles and creating the products and services.

Then, mysteriously, I found myself writing the following:

“…but I need to attend to the Mastermind-ers every single day, to apply myself there and to write my reflections in the blog. That’s the method I’m gonna adopt, as a 30-day experiment: Masterminds, FB post, reflections, publish. Only way out is through. Okay, that actually feels much more doable. Doable! And exciting.”

And somehow, it all came into focus and started making sense. Don’t even ASK what that thought process was, because I can’t recreate it. I don’t think there was thought involved. I think it was instinct. All I can say is, it just feels right. Starting with what’s right in front of me, trusting that what I need will be provided, and knowing that with the skills I’ve honed so far, of listening for and recognizing the ring of truth when it’s there, one day at a time, I can and will create a business that’s whole, relevant and fun.

My advice if you’re in the overwhelmed-by-change boat: Recognize you’re in transition, check your tendency to obsess and over-think and over-plan, and try just focusing on what’s right in front of you today. And if there’s a really simple thing that can be done, just go ahead and do it.

So here’s my question for you: How do you manage transition in your work or life? What’s the crazy aspect of you during times of change? What’s your strength? Let us know in the comments!

Until tomorrow,


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