Trees, Meet Forest

I’m Phyllis, and I write. I’ve always taken refuge in the blank page. I like pens. I’ve considered buying a spiral binding machine. They sell them at Staples!  I heart spiral bound notebooks.

When all is said and done, I like essays the best. I also like to get my heart strings pulled, and I love a good story. I like true stories, because people and real life are amazing, inspiring, perverse and mysterious. And because I want to know how this world works, what makes people tick, and what is possible.

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I am both wise and deeply, deeply naive. I feel every day of my several decades, and yet, there are some things I way missed out on, like everybody else was in class that day, and I forgot to go. Or maybe I was out skywatching or got caught up in a good conversation. Wherever I was, I was doing my own thing, and I don’t regret it.

I am blogging because I love seeing my essays in print, and love the idea that it’s that easy to publish them and be read by anyone. Also, because I half suspect that no one ever anywhere will read any of what I write. I write to find out what I really have to say, what I really think and why, and to test my crazy ideas on people who don’t have to like me or agree with me.

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I intend to publish posts related to the book I am writing right now, which is about spirituality. The book is about how to find, nurture and live your spirituality, and I intend to not espouse any particular belief system. It is meant to be a guidebook for people who want to dive into spirituality but are utterly confused by the plethora of ideas, truisms, cliches, and hodge podge “truths” out there these days. The only thing that’s ever worked for me is finding my own way and learning to trust what is authentic to me, and leaving totally behind any desire to know an objective truth or prove anyone right or wrong. And yet, I am sure I am a purveyor of some of those “truths.”

The book will not be for everyone. I say “the book” like I know what it will become, when at this stage the thing I’m most sure of is it has a long way to go before it arrives in its final form. I hope it ends up  going places I can’t even imagine right now. I’m in the forest and trees stage, where I am working on the trees and I cannot see the larger thing no matter how far back I stand, and I can’t stand that far away, because I seem to have a lot to say.

In the next few months, I will be blogging to connect with people who care about spirituality, creativity, and I throw in recovery there, because that’s a big part of who I am. I’d love to connect with a larger recovery tribe who are living a spiritual life every day, and who maybe would be able and willing to converse about these things here on this blog.

So, if that’s you, welcome! And please introduce yourself. And in any case, thanks for reading this far, and I hope you come back.



Precious old keys: Loot from a crazy project
Precious old keys: Loot from a crazy project

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