Useful Questions for Prosperity and Self-Confidence

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Today’s quickie is a video of me blabbing a little about using the tool from Access Consciousness of asking questions and how they open possibility and have been help me a lot with my money and self-confidence. After the vid you’ll find a handy list of the questions I’ve put together that are rocking my world right now. And as a special Happy Sunday present for you, I’ve also made an audio file (at the bottom of the post) you can listen to and/or download of me reading the questions, so you can just have them in the background, meditate to them, or fall to sleep listening to them.

So far, I’ve actually received money every day that I’ve been asking the one (at the end) 30 times a day for 18 or so days! (It’ll be 30 days when I’m done.) Questions with a star (*) are from a wonderful book entitled Ask and You Shall Receive: This Time You Will! 188 Questions the Universe Understands by Maria F. La Riva and Christine Mertin. The double stars (**) are questions I received from Simone Milasas, author of Getting Out of Debt Joyfully.

Okay, video first, then questions. And don’t forget to check out the audio file at the end of the post!

What pattern of dysfunction am I perpetuating that isn’t mine to keep alive?

Is this a judgment?

Is this a conclusion?

Who does this pattern belong to?

Everything that doesn’t allow me to believe in myself, can I destroy and uncreated now?

What have I decided about success that it doesn’t feel as if it fits who I am?

What if I were successful, leading, generative and sexy anyway?

What have I made so important about being able to name what I do and who I am so that others get it, that I’m unable to be it until they do?

Everything that doesn’t allow me to be me, can I destroy and uncreate it now?

Am I being distracted from my purpose?

Am I on purpose?

What is the universe just about to give me that I am turning away from?

What have I decided is impossible that really is possible, that the Universe would give me if I would ask for it,  that I refuse to ask for?*

What am I more open to receiving today than yesterday?

What’s my greatest, most powerful and generative, creative statement, activity, having or being today?

What have I decided about having that holds it as a limitation rather than a possibility?

What  have I been preparing for that’s now ready for me to step into as a leader?

What does my creativity require today?

What does my business require today?

What tools, resources, friends, skills and gifts do I have that I’m not using it if I use them would help me to prosper today?

What if I’m constantly judging me, and what would open up for me if I stopped?

What if the idea that I have that I don’t know who I am and what my talents are and what my value is, is the very thing that’s keeping me stuck and unhappy and unprosperous?

What if I could receive prosperity anyway, right now, being me, exactly as I am today, right now?

Everything that does not allow all of that can I just destroy and uncreate it now?

POC and POD everywhere I’ve uninvited money today.**

What have I made right about being in debt?

What do I love about being in debt?**

What’s comfortable about being constantly worried about money?

Who am I making right by constantly struggling to generate enough money?

Everywhere I’ve decided a lot of money and a lot of time can’t coexist, can I destroy and uncreate it now?

Everywhere I’ve decided I can’t have any affect, can I destroy and uncreate it now?

What do I love about being an ineffectual, inconsequential, late-comer? POC and POD

What do I love about not being seen and acknowledge?

How can I receive money today?

How can I receive more from the universe today?

Can I have the money now please?

What do I love about making everybody right about how wrong I am?

How can I express, lead, generate and succeed audaciously today?

How can more income happen?

What else is going to happen for more income to happen?

Where is more income coming from for me?

What can I do to create more income?

What can I be, do, have, create or generate today that will create and generate money, now and into the future?*

Please enjoy this special Sunday audio I’ve made of me reading these questions for you!

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