What Are You Willing To Receive?


What are you willing to receive?

That’s a shift in consciousness from what we’re used to. I always talk about manifesting this, manifesting that, creating this, creating that. But recently I’ve come to realize that shifting to receiving is a way of shifting from doing to being.

Who am I willing to be, and what am I willing to receive? If I want to be in the “flow,” what flow do I want to be in?

I wrote about this in my Morning Pages, and I must say it was challenging. I started out rather primly and sparsely, because I’m not used to thinking like that. But then I hit the money thing, and I started to put a dollar amount on it. What am I willing to receive money-wise?


Ten dollars, twenty dollars, fifty dollars, 100 dollars? And each time I pictured receiving it. Not doing anything, just receiving it. It’s pretty revolutionary. I stopped at $300,000. Not a year, not in exchange for something, not in my career, not in my business, just receiving. And $300,000 was where I stopped.

Not good or bad, right or wrong, just that’s where I stopped.

What else was I willing to receive this morning? A lifetime supply of Sweet Love Blend coffee, clean water for the rest of my life, locally grown oats, cranberries, blueberries, almonds, walnuts, milk, lamb, beef, bread, butter, juice, yogurt, muffins. Good, happy dental care that’s close by and reasonably priced. Hugs, kisses, rides, compliments, birthday cards, cake, candles, frosting. A great designer to help us remodel our home and make it better. A wardrobe update. Ease and flow with my business, Shamanic journeys with healing and teachings. Readership that forms a community where readers and writers come together and share and support and feel part-of. A new website that does cool stuff like plays my music, creates a mood and a wonderful place to visit. A professional identity that is right for me, that is easy and fun to talk about, that bridges traditional and mainstream and is in demand and that makes a difference. More stories from people I have touched in some way and helped that I have not been aware of. A musical existence that has me composing, playing, learning and sharing music publicly in a groove that is wonderful and, well, groovy….


And interestingly, the biggest thing that I am willing to receive now is…space. Space in my physical world, space in my calendar, space in my being, space in my heart, space in my creative life. I am willing to receive less of what is overwhelming, so that I can stretch into my life and exhale. The space to feed my soul well.

What happened last night was a fitting prelude to this morning’s musings about receiving.


I was minding my own business, taking some downtown, coloring. And while I was coloring I had this thing going on in my head, this niggling thing, this discontent, and eventually I was able to name it: I was judging. I was sitting there judging my partner, this other person, this situation, that remark. In my head, ticking them off: Yep. Nope. OK. Not OK.

PippaloudogfrisbeeOnce I named it, I let it go, and then I colored. Totally, whole-heartedly and contentedly. The way I see it now is I fully received my judgments, then I was able to fully let them go, which released me from the unending polarity my mind is great at, and that opened up the space within where I could consciously choose. I chose coloring. With a quiet mind, I could do that. Then this morning, I chose to consciously consider other choices, like ways I would like to be.

MaenaStrawberryoohlalaYou can say that I’m a touchy-feely, ungrounded, magical thinking kind of person. What this is about is a shift in consciousness, and that is admittedly not concrete. But if it’s a true shift, it will show up in the concrete 3-D world somehow, perhaps with greater ease, perhaps with greater enjoyment, satisfaction, fun. Perhaps with more connection and meaning. Maybe even with dollar signs attached. Ooh-la-la!

I invite you to just try it on. I invite you to just ask yourself one question:  What are you willing to receive?  I’m curious to know what you come up with.


0 thoughts on “What Are You Willing To Receive?

  1. I am willing to receive all of the above, plus the ability to receive a compliment on a sweater or a scarf without saying “Oh, this old thing!”.

  2. I am willing to receive some snow with a day that I don’t need to go anywhere, some home-made soup made by someone else for me (I’ve been making myself a lot of soup lately) with some nice course homemade bread and butter (the butter doesn’t need to be homemade) to go with it. I’ll take (not earn) a new roof and siding and windows for this house and as long as I’m expanding the receptiveness, a more reliable car (no loan attached). I’d also accept gladly some help with the learning curve I’ve been struggling with for the new web page…http:trueliespress.com.
    Along that line, do I need to set-up a separate facebook or twitter account to use for Word Press or do I use my personal one?

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