What's like sunshine is to a budding flower for human beings?


Answer: Loving listening.

Is low self confidence keeping you from creating the life and business you want? Are you having trouble organizing, prioritizing and completing things? Do you suffer from the popular misconception that you can’t support yourself with ________? (Fill in your particular situation here.) Maybe you’re already in a spiritually-based business and just want to feel more confident about doing it.

Consider booking me for a FREE 30-minute consultation about your spiritually-based business, business idea, creative dream, creative quagmire, or spiritual dilemma.

I bring 25+ years as an occupational therapist (think: behavioral hacks, meaningful pursuits, life satisfaction) and counselor, with special training in spiritual psychology and shamanism. I’m also a writer and musician.

I promise I won’t try to sign you on or sell you anything. I also promise to give you my loving presence, tuned ear and uncanny wisdom. My goal is that you leave our session with some inspiring and doable action steps to – You guessed it – Love Yourself Forward® in business and in life.

Contact me here, or simply call (207) 558-5830 to set up your 30 minute Love Yourself Forward® coaching session.

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