Where do you (and your business) belong?


I have a technical, nerdy word for you, and an earthy, creative connotation, both of which have been in my head rolling around making happy associations: The word is “niche,” and, yes, it has to do with that nasty thing, marketing. But more than that, it has to do with where you belong.

The ecology definition of “niche” is “a position or role taken by a kind of organism within its community.”

So, in addition to thinking of our niche market as describing whom we serve and how we help them, we can also think of our niche in the community as being a place we occupy that serves a purpose while serving our survival as a business.

Without this essential knowledge – Where we belong in the community, whom we serve and how we fit in to the whole – how can we move ahead with developing our services and products?

Now, for those of you who aren’t starting or running a small service-based business, who are maybe just looking for a little inspiration and feel-good this fine day, consider this:

Are you at home? Are you where you belong? How to know: Are you thriving? Are you rooted? Can you get even stronger, bigger and more fruitful and full of blossoms where you are? Or do you need to make some adjustments? Even turtles and hermit crabs, who carry their homes with them, have places they thrive and places they’d best stay away from.

Stay tuned for the launch of my brand new website devoted to Love Yourself Forward® coaching services for spirit-preneurs and practitioners looking to discover their niche and create their perfect first program, product or service.


by Phyllis Capanna © 2016 joyreport

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