3 Steps To Empowered Blogging for Holistic Entrepreneurs

blogging for holistic entrepreneurs

Empowered Blogging for Holistic Entrepreneurs Is a Mindset Game

It happened again the other day. Another talented holistic entrepreneur sighed heavily, hung her head a little and confided, “I really should start blogging.”  I cringed at her tone of resignation mixed with guilt-tripping and self flagellation. Why is blogging, for holistic entrepreneurs, such a dreaded business task?

The contrast between her attitude about blogging and her general approach to her business couldn’t have been more stark.

In general her work ethic includes loving to take on challenges, especially when they involve learning something new that will bring more value to her clients and customers.

She loves to serve.

She loves to get out there and meet and greet, even if she’s an introvert. The one thing she can easily talk about is her passion.

So, how did it happen that blogging turned into a dreaded task that my friend was feeling so avoidant of? I wondered. Since I knew that she was perfectly capable of mastering blogging, I went to mindset to find some answers.

Belief #1 : Blogging is a necessary evil.

When I really listen to people who have the hang dog, “I really should start blogging” thing going on, I notice immediately the same expression and body language people use for doing homework or taxes. In other words, it’s seen as a necessary evil.

Let’s break that down.

First, is it necessary?

You may be such a face to face person that you don’t need to write things down, and your practice is full. If that’s the case, don’t mess with success. Let yourself off the hook, and stop the guilt tripping right now. It’s never smart to do something you’re not 100% behind. It just doesn’t make sense to invest the time.

But if you find yourself with a lack of anything to put into people’s hands or wish to refer people to a site that has lots of info and depth, where they can get more value and information, and if you want people from all over the world to be able to find you, then you probably should consider something more than a bare bones website.

The decision is personal, and there is no wrong way to do it.

Next question: Is it evil?

Well, obviously not. But, what’s behind that attitude, the necessary evil attitude? What makes something a task that is either harmful or of wrong intent? A lot of people have an inherent distrust of anthing they read on the Internet, and conversely can’t see a way to come off as sincere with their own content. After all, isn’t it just glorified selling? And why should people believe you?

Belief #2: Blogging is glorified selling.

Here’s a reframe that can make all the difference: Blogging and marketing in general become a lot easier and more congruent with who you are as a person when they’re seen as a service. If you believe in what you do, blogging is a way to let more people know about how they might benefit from your work. That’s it. You leave good information on the table and give people a way to get more, if they choose to, and you’ve made a difference.

Belief #3: Blogging is way too public.

The second thing I hear beneath the surface when I listen to holistic entrepreneurs agonize over the blogging they’re not doing is a fear of being seen and heard in public. And here’s the truth: While it does take courage to write and –gulp– publish on the world wide web, the weird reality is that no one really notices your stuff until they meet you in person or find you on social media or are looking for what you’re writing about. The good news: If they’re looking for what you write about, they might be a good fit as a client. At the very least, they’ll benefit from your thoughts and remember you as a helpful resource.

Remember: “Have to” is not a good way to do anything, including blogging. AND Fear of being seen and heard is not a good reason to avoid blogging. In fact, blogging is a great way to break though that fear and get used to positioning yourself as an expert.

Which brings us to

Belief #4: I will suck at it.

And here’s one more thing I’ve noticed about holistic entrepreneurs who are procrastinating about blogging. They are invariable very comfortable expressing themselves one on one. Which means they enjoy connecting and conversing with people. And they’re uncomfortable and a bit bewildered by the altered dynamics of connecting and conversing with people online. They are so used to picking up cues from the other person and so used to responding to those cues in the moment.

But blogging and other online marketing requiries a whole other skill set. And the idea of accidentally blowing it as they learn this new skill set sends some holistic entrepreneurs into a tailspin of fearful anticipation: “I just know I’m going to suck at it!”

And that tends to bring up another trauma that most people have experienced: The dreaded essay writing assignment in high school. We unconsciously picture the annoying red pencil marks and critical teacher comments that inevitably follow.

Getting ourselves out of the mindset of being critiqued can go a long way toward helping us get started with writing on the web. And the place to start with that is within.

3 Steps to Empowered Blogging

So here’s how to make it easy, if you decide you want to have an online presence. If you want to get your information out there as reference for your existing clients, referrers and others, and if you’re passionate about what you do and the difference you came here to make.

  • Stop using the word “blog.” Start reframing it as posting short, helpful articles to your website. Really, it will make a difference, especially if the word itself is a trigger for you. If it makes you cringe, don’t say it.
  • Reframe this type of communication as a service that you provide your yet-to-be clients. Think of them like the pamphlets you’d find in the waiting room of a physical office.
  • If the idea of positioning yourself as an expert gives you the willies, reframe that, too. Think of how many greeting cards there are. Or candy bars, or health practitioners or grocery stores. Somewhere there are people who need to hear your message and who are looking right now for what you give. Making it easier for them to find you should be a pleasure and a joy, as you anticipate serving them with the skills and heart you bring.

One more step, if you’re game.

For more inspiration and grounded guidance, download my free Ridiculously Simple Guide to Writing for Your People , which goes into a little more detail, but not enough to overwhelm.

Until next time, be good to yourself and enjoy the moment!





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