With Love – And Hot Tubs – All Things Are Possible

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Well, lovies, I’m home from a week’s vacation in sunny Florida, which was sunny only part of the time. The other part of the time our hosts were having the same kind of whether we’ve had all winter: weird and unusual. Poor dears were turning the heat on at night just to stay ahead of the 40-degree temps. But amidst all the climate change shenanigans, I learned an important truth: With hot tubs, all things are possible.

And despite 40-degree nights, I still managed to come home with a sunburn, which qualifies me for zero complaining for the rest of the winter. (But if you’re really curious, I’ll show you my bathing suit marks.)

No Matter Where You Go

One of the things I loved about this vacation was that even though I started with this:  “No matter where you go, you bring yourself with you.” I ended up freed from my usual ways of being, expressing who I am inside, which is loving and generous. How this manifested for me was in my utter freedom in giving away Soul Message cards to perfect strangers.

It didn’t start that way, of course. At first, I gave to get, plain and simple. I wanted to sell lots of cards and books to the drummers I’d be in workshops with, so I placed a card on each seat. When no one bought, I concluded they were just not into buying, and I gave up.

Your True Motivations Speak

Have you ever noticed that even if you don’t know your true motivations, they are picked up by others anyway? This is why it’s so useful to be able to read others’ responses and situational energies: They can bring to consciousness that which has been buried in unconsciousness.

Giving up paved the way for something new to come in. I had no choice but to give up my agenda and fall back on what I know is best anyway: listening inside for the cues and direction in each moment.

Another Way

My friends and drumming mentors, Inanna Sisters in Rhythm, gave a concert in Venice, Florida on Saturday night. After we students had practiced our part (the processional), we were just hanging around waiting for people to arrive. I started walking up to audience members and offering them a card from my always-handy grab bag of Soul Messages.

The responses were so heartening that I put a card on every chair so everyone would arrive to a loving message. After the concert, moved by the spirit of this church, which had placed stuffed animals in the seats to be loved and cuddled before being given to kids in hospitals, I donated a set of cards and a book, thanking them for holding the concert.

And, believe me, you haven’t lived until you’ve danced to West African music in a church where people are waving stuffed sea turtles and unicorns in the air, dancing in the aisles.


A few days later, we stopped by the Venice Holistic Community Center to see an old friend and to donate a set of Soul Messages to the center. I learned that my friend was attending her mother’s bedside. I dropped off the gifts, and then I started giving out cards. The three practitioners who were there took cards, as did our two waitresses in the busy diner across the street, as well as the homeless woman camping out in front waiting for a place to sleep.

The first waitress got, “Delight Yourself,” and exclaimed, “Ain’t that the truth!” The second waitress got, “Your inspiration and heart are welcome here,” shrugging it off as self-evident, while sporting a sly grin. A practitioner at the Center got, “You’re already perfect. There’s nothing to improve,” and did a little victory dance in her seat, explaining that she’d been able to wean herself from her supplemental oxygen lately. The homeless woman received with grace, “You are the soul of goodness.”

Warm weather makes a difference. So does being in a walkable area. Failing helps, actually. Thank goodness I’ve developed an ear for clunkers through my writing, musical, and counseling experience. But also, giving out and delighting people with loving messages has a strengthening effect on the heart.

I’m feeling it possible that my more defended places could continue to stand aside while I share the love these messages carry, no matter where I am, starting with myself.

I learned something else on vacation: With love, all things are possible. And if it isn’t love, it won’t bear fruit, and that’s a good thing.

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With love,


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