You Are Limitless and Free

limitless free

Obviously this message is not about our normal daily lives, where everything about us is defined: Our address, our height, what color hair we have, what we do for a living, who we hang out with – and is therefore finite. This message is about connecting with that part of us that cannot be defined at all and surely cannot be understood by our rational minds.

I drew this card just the other day, after a night of intense weeping over the recent death of my beloved Honey-Bear, a family member for a little over twelve years, who saw me through some incredible changes in my life and was a constant. She was a being of beauty, and she was a member of the family.


The next morning I could barely focus my eyes. I dragged myself out of bed to go to work, and, as an afterthought on my way out the door, I picked this Soul Message card.

I immediately knew that this message was about her. It was a reminder that everything that defined her life with us, especially toward the end, several diseases, several disabilities, and needing constant care and attention, were the short haul. The long haul, the whole Life, is much bigger; limitless, in fact, and without a body, without time, without definition, and without me, free.

The message also reminded me that I can be free. That what I usually focus on is the smallest part of who I am. It reminded me that I, too, am Eternal. And maybe that’s why lately I’ve had such a challenge getting myself to process details. Maybe that’s not where my soul wants to spend its time….

The message enabled me to momentarily shift my focus and become larger than my grief. I saw what was really happening: I am in the throes of a very great love. I began to understand my pain to be a product of disorientation.

But I also saw that I don’t have to be defined by anything, including my loss. I can simply be in this moment. I can experience being alive without definition, and that is true freedom. The human experience is deep enough, without words, just to experience.

I invite you to know that you are limitless and free. Try giving yourself a break from all the thing you are obsessing over and take a giant step out, into outer space, and see it all from there. See it as if it were a distant memory. Start with a deep breath, and notice that you are.

I invite you into the spaciousness of what follows when you say the words, “I am…” and don’t complete the sentence. *

Turnpike Sky

*from Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth

by Phyllis Capanna © 2013 joyreport

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