You Are Precious and Beautiful!


I can hear you now, because I am saying it, too: Precious, maybe. But beautiful? Do I have to? But this Message isn’t only about beauty. It’s about mirrors.

When I was little, my grandmother Angelina’s face would break out in a smile and she would exclaim, “Phylly!” whenever I walked into the room.  When I looked at her face, I saw that she saw “precious and beautiful.” And what the mirror saw made both of us beautiful.

A good way to understand what this Soul Message has to do with creating and living is to look at some opposites: common, plain, expendable, throw-away, does not count, abhorrent, disgusting, you get the idea.

The question is, what would you be inspired to create from the place of ubiquitous and ugly? Plastic grocery bags, styrofoam hot cups, golden arches, cigarette butts? Enough said.

What, on the other hand, might come from fancifully shaped seashell fragments, a stone in the shape of the African continent, a trill and glimpse of blue feather in the oak, that dream and vision stirring in your innocent heart? Especially if you saw them as precious, beautiful?

Precious and beautiful changes everything, when it’s us, when it’s personal, when we carry it in our self image like a mirror in our shoulder bag that, when we take it out to check that everything’s in place, tells us that not only is our face okay, but we are exquisite and valuable creatures, bursting with beauty. From there it’s a short step to seeing ourselves as serendipitous, happy, pleasing embodiments of Life itself. And when we see ourselves that way, we become that.

Try it on for one day. Today. Imagine how these words can transform you. No person could hold themselves in such esteem and not hold everything in creation in the same Love. I challenge you to find and awaken the potential to see beauty and value in every circumstance and in every person, if not in body and behavior, then in soul and spirit.

Don’t forget, you are also the mirror!

Big sigh. Let it in. Somewhere, perhaps very close by, Something is delighted that you exist.

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  1. Enjoyed this message so much today. It was not until I was in my 50s that I discovered that beauty in myself that brings with it such creativity. Never thought I had a talent for anything special so never trued to create beauty. A different live opportunity, journey, road, opened up to me in my 50s and has been growing ever since. I feel the Goddess within and have created some things that are beautiful and bring myself and others pleasure. I have around me a large circle of other Crones, Sisters, Teachers, Wisdom Keepers who hold me close in association and prayer. LIBERATED and BEAUTIFUL at 61.

  2. Phyllis, I’m SO HAPPY that my life’s path has crossed with yours! And I’m thrilled to learn more about this Joy Report and your uplifting, encouraging messages (Yes, yes. I know that they are not your words but the words of the source, of this beautiful, abundant universe.) Anyway, this report appears at a time that I and another family member have been recently challenged to hang on to our beauty and worth and not to slip back into those old, comfortable (NOT!) garments that used to garb our existence. I’m grateful for this latest post! Thank you again for sharing your perceptions!

    1. Thanks, David. Ditto! I’m planning to write a post for each of my 40-plus Soul Message cards and make a book out of them. I am enjoying the process of exploring each one in a little more depth as I write. Thanks for your enthusiastic participation!

  3. Hi Phyllis! I love this!! I truly try to be a grandmother like yours was. I want my grandchildren to all truly feel like the wonderful special souls that they are! If we could only learn to do that with all the people we encounter, not just those who are special to us!

    1. Yes! And I think it was just who she was, and she was a very simple person. I have learned a lot from her over the years. We used to laugh at how uneducated she was, but now I realize how little that mattered. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  4. What a great experiment to try. Sometimes it’s hard to change those old messages that we aren’t ok or good enough, but acting ‘as if’ can give us a new experience of ourselves. I’m sure my kitties are delighted I exist 🙂

  5. “From there it’s a short step to seeing ourselves as serendipitous, happy, pleasing embodiments of Life itself. And when we see ourselves that way, we become that.” Well said.
    We are made of all those great qualities, but sometimes it gets blurry. And like you said, if we try it for one day, believing we really see them, it will transform us! Maybe in the future, it can get blurry again, but we will know what to look for so it’ll be easier to reclaim all that beauty.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Thereza, thanks for stopping by (again). Yes, it does get blurry. I think that’s why I write these things down, because if I need reminders, then others probably do, too. It’s often easier to see others as pleasing embodiments, etc., and that’s why it’s good to love people. 🙂

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