You Have Brilliant Ideas and Instincts


There’s that word again: Brilliant. Maybe brilliant isn’t what you thought it was. Maybe it’s quieter and subtler than you thought.

Maybe you are so busy playing traffic cop to your thoughts that you have forgotten how to be curious and playful with your amazing mind. Maybe your wonderful mind is presenting you with the answers you need, and you aren’t paying attention.

Have you gotten into the habit of analyzing and demanding proof long before you have given any of your ideas a chance to breathe? Do you find yourself talking yourself out of what you know, instead of trusting it and acting on it?

Maybe you think other people are smarter than you. Maybe you don’t think you even have instincts. “Other people are intuitive and wise, I’m just going along.” Maybe you have been lettings others’ voices and needs be louder than your own. Those who are seen as wise and brilliant have probably given their ideas a little more air and positive regard than the rest of us.

It’s simple: Our lives originate in our minds. Some of what churns through there is crap – re-runs, carping, worries – and some of it is the great calculator keeping everything running smoothly, and the rest is thinking up our lives: What if I tried wearing bright yellow? Can I add audio to my eBay listing?  How about an addition for the washer and dryer… A way to use banana peels to make plastic? … Band-Aids on my fingers for guitar practice

This message wants you to keep the flow going, not to stop because something might be unrealistic, or poorly timed, or completely half-baked and crazy. This message is a green light in a sea of yellow. It’s a friend who believes in you. It’s an optimistic maybe and an invitation to keep exploring. It might work, or it might never happen. The proof isn’t needed right now. Just relax and enjoy what’s going on in there. Listen to yourself and give yourself some credit for having a fine and unique way of looking at things.

You are partnering with the Force of Life to create the little corner of the Universe known as you! The Universe wants that corner to be equipped with everything you need! So when you, the engineer, show up, it wants you to keep creating! It’s given you the tools; it’s your job to use them.

Try out this message for a day. Tape it to your bathroom mirror, your dashboard, your laptop, or your diary. Write it on your palm. Share it with a friend and take turns saying it to each other. If nothing else, it will teach you to recognize an idea or instinct when it shows up, and that is a very good first step toward strengthening your confidence and turning those ideas into something satisfying.

The Universe is with you! And thanks for listening…to yourself!

Wood Sculpture

This post contains links to three examples of people who listened to themselves and created something great! I hope you’ll read about Elif Bilgin, who created a bioplastic from banana peels, visit the amazing It’s A Burl workshop and store in Kerby, Oregon, where fantastic things and creatures are found in wood, and check out my Soul Messages page, where you can purchase an entire set of Soul Messages: Lavish Love Notes for the Soul, currently discounted to make room for new inventory with my updated web address.

And a heads up that on July 30th I will be teaching a workshop in Blue Hill, ME, Pull Up Your Big Girl Power Pants: Creative Visualization for Women (men welcome!) Stay tuned for more details!

Thanks for reading, and let me know your thoughts!

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  1. I’m just beginning to believe myself – slowing down enough to listen, contemplate, evaluate, meditate. Allowed myself hours to play today — I learned what shamanism is really about – and my belief system already is aligned with Ms. Doty. What a marvelous discovery. Think I’ll spend more time now with the dictionary.

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