You Should Write a Book

Does your business marketing to-do list sound something like this?

  • Get a new website
  • Master social media
  • Design a great new program
  • Write that book

Why is the book thing tacked on at the end? Because people have been telling you from the beginning of time that a) a book is a great marketing tool, b) you should write a book.

My question to you: Is 2017 the year you move writing a book to the top of the list? And if you already have a manuscript started, is this the year you’ll complete it?

Obviously, I’m going to advocate for a big, fat yes to both of those. And in this post I’m going to tell you how to understand the process so that maybe, just maybe, the idea of writing your must-share message in book form feels a little less daunting and little more possible, so that you’ll at least be tempted to move it to the top of the list.

These are the major reasons you haven’t written that book and how to overcome them.

1. I don’t know where to begin

You’re absolutely right. You don’t. And you shouldn’t just dive in. What most people don’t realize is that writing a nonfiction book takes planning. I think it’s even fair to say that more than half of the writing takes place before a single word reaches the paper. Where to begin is to understand and define some basic ideas, such as who your audience is, how this book helps them, and how it is unique. This preparatory step will save you oceans of your precious time (See #4, below), and help you know exactly where to begin.

2. I don’t know how to write

It’s actually less important that you have writing experience than that you can think and speak about your topic cogently and passionately.  Just like the nerdy reports we had to write in high school, your book will have main points, secondary point, examples to illustrate those points, exercises or suggestions for your reader, as well as an overall message that is closely related to your reason for writing it in the first place.

The best way to set yourself up for the writing phase of writing your book is to flesh out and organize your ideas. Once you have done that, you can develop a series of questions to answer that will pave the way to the writing process. You can even speak your answers into a recorder and have that transcribed as your rough draft.

3. I don’t know how to write a book.

Again, you’re right! And why should you? It’s wise of you to realize that just because you have wisdom to share or have developed a kick-ass method for mastering something that will help lots of people, you don’t necessarily know how to make it into a book. Which leads us to –

4. I don’t have the time to devote to it right now

I know, but –

You Can Definitely Write a Book

What if I told you you could do it in 6 months or less? What if there were a step-by-step method that would guide you through the process of developing your ideas, identifying your audience, and outlining your book, getting it on paper and finished, in an orderly, planned out process?

This is why there are nerds like me. I am developing a program for people like you, who want to write that book, but who don’t know where to begin and feel stuck and stymied at the whole idea of writing something of this magnitude, designed to take you from concept to finished manuscript in 6 months.

And really I am “people like you”, too. As an advocate stream-of-consciousness writing as a personal growth tool, I meandered my way through several book projects, only to get stuck at critical junctures where it seemed the whole thing was just about to morph into something else entirely, or the main idea would evaporate as I looked on helplessly. Through making these errors and navigating the quagmires writing my own books, as well as through research and working with clients, I learned that writing a nonfiction book is a whole ‘nother thing. It requires organization of concepts, a planned execution, and a concerted strategy for publication that is directly related to how the book fits into your business and life.

So, if you can’t write, don’t know how to get started, aren’t sure what your message is and know nothing about getting published, but want to have the joy of sharing your message with a wider audience and the accomplishment of creating an enduring work that reflects what you’re all about, sign up to receive the latest on my 6-month Concept-to-Manuscript course, and be among the first to receive special discounted offers as I create the program.

I will be offering a series of webinars in which I share tips and tools for getting started, clarifying your idea, identifying your audience and connecting with them, as well as how to understand the publishing options and what they mean for you, the author. The webinars will be FREE, so be sure and sign up to be notified when they are ready.

And, as always, I welcome your inquiries now about any of this book stuff. Contact me here.

2017: Let’s Do This Book Thing!

I’m In!

And as a special thank you for signing up on spec, as it were, I’ll also give you my Healing Arts Entrepreneur Gift Package, chock full of articles, tips, tools and even some very witchy music (of mine) to keep you occupied and inspired.

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