Your Year to Write Dangerously?

Hello Dear Reader,

Have you ever suspected, as I have, that your most important offering to the world is not what you do or what you’re good at, but who you are?

Probably my biggest internal shift in life occured when I realized that who I am is what I’ve got, and I’d better quickly become comfortable and clever at using that as my number one tool, point of connection with you, and calling card.

“Give up tryin’ to be a better person
And concentrate on gettin’ you down right.”*

As holistic entrepreneurs and practitioners, who we are is our most potent, unique and stunning gift. How we see the world, what what we create out of that, those are what people want when they seek us out. The trouble is, we don’t know the power of who we are, and therefore, we don’t really know, in a deep way, what the power of our gift is to others.


What started me on this road of coaching folks like us was the thunder strike that finding one’s niche – that beautiful place in the ecosystem of life where we are where we should be, doing what we should be doing, as only we can, where we are of the most benefit – AKA homeis the key to having everything one does make sense. Not only inside us but also within the context of the wider world. It’s where our inherent value cannot be denied. It’s the exact opposite and converse – the antidote, if you will – to searching for meaning, purpose and validation outside of ourselves.

This is what I’d do if I were God:
I’d let the secret out about the rules,
Write them out real big so everyone could see,
And make them the curriculum in schools.

Not only are we the change we wish to see in the world, but we are the journey and the destination of our whole life’s work.


I know this makes some people cringe. Really, I get it. Not everyone is or wants to be their own journey. But it is a legitimate life path to use the inward journey as the classroom for learning about life and consciousness and mastering the inner landscape of personhood.

I chose a long time ago to respect this strong inward pull, and I committed to it for good.  And the highest good I could conceive of was, and is, that I am made this way for a reason.

Not that I’d be an angry God, but I’d command respect,
Offerings, obedience and awe.
I’d make it clear that I was not a laissez-faire type of God,
Set it all in motion, watch it fall.

No, I’m anything but laissez-faire. I’m controlling, OCD and tense. Because I care. Immensely. I know you do, too.

And I know that means you’re struggling right now. We’ve had what my favorite philosopher-astrologer calls a shock event. He says the astrology of our time is “all bets are off.” This is what I’m struggling with the most. How do I go on being me, when all bets are off?

What if being me is suddenly irrelevant, or worse, insufficient for the times?

And that, my friend, is the end to my ready answers and plum philosophy. But that won’t stop me from being me and from plunging ahead in my journey. Also, I’m perversely determined to be sufficient by hewing even more closely to my path.

I guess this means I am a person of trust and faith and integrity. And possibly I’m foolish and insufficient. I’m no more prepared for the these times than you.


But I do have lots of practice showing up on the page, writing my story daily, and stubbornly being me. I’ll bet you have at least 2 of those 3.

We must tell our stories. As healers, as people. As seekers. As heroes and soon-to-be heroes. We must try to understand, to touch, to experience the nature of our power.

We must pick up, turn over, caress and examine every piece of the fractured thing we call our lives, and understand where we’ve come from, and own it all, the dirty truth, the not-so-truth we told ourselves, the all of it.

We must tell our stories, because they inspire others to LIVE theirs. And to see themselves as heroes, healers, and, above all, part of the global fabric of humanity. Because this will save us.

I’ve declared 2017 the year of the book. The book of your life. The book of our lives. The story we live, the redemption we fashion from being alive, true, stupid, halting, imperfect, slow and REAL. After this political debacle we witnessed way up close in our neurons, don’t you just adore and worship and crave REAL?


We can’t hide any more. We can’t pretend we’re terribly different, unique, strange, odd, or even enlightened. We have to be unpretentiously human, tell the story of how we got here, who we are, why we care, how we care, and invite others into their own truths. We have to start living the reality that we are one, we are connected, we are cousins, we are the same creature. We have to break down the falsehoods and lies of division any way we can.

Me, I write. I tell who I am and help you to know who you are.

How about you? Do you feel a burning inside to inspire others with your story, to tell something true and painful and make tears spring out and heart melt? To change lives?

Do you want to make 2017 the year of YOUR book?


As a holistic entrepreneur, having a book is a huge asset to your business. It allows you to be seen. It allows others to know you and inspires them to seek you out. It gives you credibility and helps you stand out in the marketplace. Once you’ve written your book, you will have a voice, a message, and a means for reaching people powerfully.

And the process of writing that book is a transformational one. It’s the process of reviewing, telling, and seeing what your life and work have been about and at last expressing your inspiring message.

Join me for a year of writing, honing, telling, re-telling, and understanding the story you want to tell. The story that will help your people connect with you and with themselves. I’ll show you how I write every day and how to listen deeply. I’ll show you how to listen to others’ listening of you, so that you can hear what they hear.

I’ll guide you through editing, rewriting, organizing and re-editing. I’ll even guide you through readying your manuscript for publication as an ebook or in print.

Can’t write?

Can’t get started?

Not a techie?

Never finish?

Afraid to have your stuff seen/read/heard?

Nothing to tell?

There are some things you’ll have to master and overcome, my friend. You will have to learn to tell, to listen, to hear. You will have to learn some tech. You will have to confront the terror of beginning, the let-down of finishing, and the exaltation of being seen. And then you will shrink back down to normal and just be you, with your story no longer a secret, with a beautiful book in your hands, to use as your calling card, marketing tool, point of connection, or codification of your very own healing technique.


Oh, the investment. Oh, the time. Oh, the growth.

And, oh, the support you will have! This is the number two reason why books don’t get finished. When you’re tempted to give up, when you reach a roadblock, when you truly have a mind-scramble, I will be there to help you navigate through and keep your momentum going, until you reach the finish.

Oh the beauty that is completion.

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To all of this, the wild struggle that’s just been born in you who’ve read these words and inwardly responded with “Yes!”, the shrinking back while straining forward, the moistened eye, and the quickened heart, I say in response my own deep and loving, welcoming and wholly unreserved, “Yes!”

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*Lyrics quoted in this piece are from a song entitled This Is What I’d Do If I Were God, ©1992 by Phyllis Capanna

Photo credits: jay feathers on stump by mirabbi. Nalazek (dreamy path) by utoplec. Notebook by Dianne Hope, photoshopped by Phyllis Capanna. Woman with amazing headdress by rikken. Graffiti woman by Henrique Bastos. Girl Standing on Hands by Jessica Gale. All photos via, a splendid open source resource of photos for creatives.

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